Infamous Mobb Family

Mobb Deep stood tall as East Coast hardcore rap figureheads on the basis of their epochal album The Infamous. Released in April 1995, The Infamous was released almost exactly a year after Illmatic and about half-a-year after Ready to Die -- the debut masterpieces of Nas and the Notorious B.I.G., respectively, and likewise albums of momentous significance for East Coast hardcore rap. On The Infamous, the duo of Prodigy and Havoc set the tone for future generations of hardcore New York rappers, from crews such as G-Unit and Dipset, to the likes of Ka and Roc Marciano. Subsequent Mobb Deep releases were equally influential, especially Hell on Earth (1996). The following decade, Prodigy and Havoc recorded for G-Unit -- the label of Mobb Deep disciple 50 Cent -- as well as numerous other outlets. The duo's partnership faltered for a time, but they were actively performing into mid-2017, when Prodigy died from complications of an illness that had afflicted him since infancy. Infamous Mobb, also known as IM3, from Queensbridge composed of members Ty Nitty, Twin Gambino, Godfather Pt.III, and Ron Gotti. They are an integral part of the Queensbridge hip hop scene, which includes rappers like Nas, Cormega and Mobb Deep, and began with the Juice Crew. Friends since childhood, the Infamous Mobb members all grew up on Queensbridge's 41st side 12th Street. Infamous Mobb first appeared in 1994 on Mobb Deep's Demo Cuts mixtape for their 1995 album, The Infamous. On the final Album Ty Nitty appeared on "Party's Over", in the third verse along with Big Noyd. They next appeared rapping on Big Noyd's debut album Episodes of a Hustla and Mobb Deep's following 1996 album Hell on Earth. They also appeared on Murda Muzik and Infamy, as well as many mixtapes. The group also appeared on Nas' QB Finest compilation album as well as DJ Muggs's first Soul Assassins album. Their debut album, Special Edition, was not released until 2002; it features extensive production by The Alchemist. The album was released on Infamous Mobb's own IM3 label and distributed by Landspeed Records. Havoc, Infamous Mobb (IM3), Noyd, and friends will be taking the stage together on 3 consecutive, historic nights and paying homage to the late "Prodigy". You DO NOT want to miss this... You may not get another opportunity.